Cape May Old Bottles

The original branding focused on locale and granted each beer a unique personality.

However, it came at the cost of a muddled packaging scheme, with poor recall and brand recognition for those unfamiliar with Cape May.

Cape May House

The breezy, seaside Victorian town gave ample inspiration for a colorful rebrand.

The laid back surfer-vibe culture accommodated a long runway for the creative process. And the distinctive town, rich with color, pattern, and neatly planned rows of Victorian homes served as a foundation to our solution.

Cape May Cap1
Cape May Cap2

In addressing the logo redesign, locale was still important, but admittedly a star marking the spot felt a little clunky. The iconic life saver was a well recognized visual for this beachtown, so we used its shape to contain a new script that felt friendly and breezy, while increasing the mark’s legibility. The logotype featured three seagulls as symbols to the company’s three leaders and co-owners, Ryan, Chris and Bob. “Crafted on the Cape” became a phrase that underscored their pride and leadership for their region.

Cape May Animated Brand
Cape May Six Pack Solo

Color, pattern and illustration make each new beer unique, but cohesive.

Each beer is uniquely named so we created illustrations to support each beer’s particular concept. Pattern and color also supported these themes in secondary ways.

With over 100 beers brewed a year a flexible system was important to exude creativity while preserving brand consistency.

Cape May Product Summer Catch
Cape May Product Devils Reach
Cape May Product Mop Water
Cape May Product Ipa
Cape May Product Coastal Evacuation
Cape May Product City To Shore

A template for discovery

The backs of each label pack plenty of layers to discover more about the beer. Icons illustrate the type of glass the particular beer should be served in, and what food pairings best compliment it. The profile offers a flavor description and insight to each beer’s namesake.

Cape May Can Devils Reach
Cape May Can Coastal Evacuation
Cape May Can Ipa
Cape May Can Summer Catch
Cape May Can Lager
Cape May Can Always Ready

Overall, the rebrand had a tremendous impact on the brewery. Cape May saw an increased affinity for the brand, with fans left and right telling them how much they loved the new look. The rebrand has helped them with recognition as the region's leader in craft. Momentum is building as now they are expanding into new territories they hadn't distributed before and online purchase conversions are up over 45%.

Cape May Box
Cape May Growler
Cape May Pint
Cape May Shirt And Hat
Cape May Laptop
Cape May Lifestyle Pint
Cape May Lifestyle Tent
Cape May Lifestyle Taps
Cape May Lifestyle White Caps
Cape May Lifestyle Banner
Cape May Lifestyle Bottle
Cape May Lifestyle Van