La Posta Wine Bottles

The original labels lacked a premium aesthetic and distinction from one another.

Though the labels may have been lackluster, appreciation for La Posta’s quality wine was a consistent theme from consumer feedback. But too often customers couldn’t recall which one they bought last. If they had a favorite they couldn't remember which one it was because the labels were so similar. La Posta was branding their wines well as a family, but missing an opportunity to make each wine more memorable.

La Posta Family

A common vine was found with European roots.

It was important to start with a common bond amongst the families and the brand. Argentina, with strong European and Italian roots, was a common thread. Regal European typography and design schemes started to inspire our thinking and would define the characteristics for a brand that announced itself as premium, memorable, and unique to each vineyard.

La Posta Labels

Clear brand recognition across varietals was important, so we defined some consistent design elements and printing techniques. A redesigned logo, with consistent size and placement on every label was key. Decorative modern vines embossed in gold foil served as a stunning framing device with a premium touch. Similar banners and typefaces presented familiar variations throughout the family. Unique diecuts and colors for each label became memorable factors to distinguish each varietal and gave strong impressions on the shelf.

La Posta Wines
La Posta Angel

Giving the families a way to share about their vineyards was important.

Each family vineyard has a rich history so we used illustrations to help tell a piece of their story. Whether it was an old Model A or the family dinner table, these features were unique to each brand. The back labels revealed these stories in more detail, providing a canvas for the growers to add their personal touch to each package.

Laposta Postcards

Proper pruning yields results.

The consumer packaged goods category is one place where people really do judge a book by its cover. Customers want to relate with a brand, and stories with memorable design help to make a connection. In La Posta’s case, their product was already great. By enhancing their shelf presentation they were able to see a tangible difference through the rebranding effort. Measuring sales 24 months prior to the rebrand vs. 24 months after,

La Posta sales increased by 19%

La Posta Tinto
La Posta Pizzella Fazzio
La Posta Wine Top
La Posta Back Label
La Posta Cork
La Posta Laura Catena

“The real people of La Posta, the growers, invite you to share the adventure, escapism and romance of Argentina in a fresh and modern way.”

Laura Catena Owner

La Posta Mountains
La Posta Angel Paulucci
La Posta Poster
La Posta Vineyard
La Posta Laura
La Posta Paulucci
La Posta Fazzio