Laredo Taco Tortillas

Miles and miles beyond expectations.

Authentic, hearty food is not what people expect from a gas station, but hand-rolled tortillas and hand-chopped veggies for salsas, are what many are surprised to find. The taste is authentic as it gets. The challenge here was for the brand to communicate these qualities. Surprising people was not the goal, but rather to redefine expectations for the quality of food that’s served in this convenience store.

New Logo

The logo was dated, hard to read and did not convey handmade authenticity.

We wanted the logo to convey handcrafted quality, just like LTC food. The new logo featured a woodcut aesthetic, with varying imperfections in each shape and letter bestowing character. Similarly, imperfect edges and burn spots are true to each hand-rolled tortilla.

Ltc Taco Truck
Ltc Taco Stickers
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Shooting an authentic taco.

Improving the food photography for LTC was a must if we were going to succeed in conveying authentic and tasty tacos. Instead of using perfectly lit studios with pristine tortillas and food we used natural light, and shot the food in environments that felt real, using backgrounds with texture and character.

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Ltc Poster

Promotional strategies supporting the rebrand made a big impact in sales and traffic.

For example on National Taco Day, Dia de los Muertos, and 16 de Septiembre, we created special in-store point of sale like window clings, exterior signage, gas pump toppers, packaging and stickers on wrapped tacos to celebrate the taco.

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