Sharp Minds Steady Hands

AIGA Austin Under the Radar

The Under the Radar team at AIGA Austin was kind enough to invite Jose to speak at their final event of 2018. Needless to say, we were honored – there have been some amazing names featured at these events, and it was awesome to be included in that group.

Getting the invitation was great, but it left Jose with the difficult task of figuring out what topic he would cover in his talk. He knows branding and design, but he wanted to talk about something only he could share. So he picked a topic totally unique to his experience – how Canales & Co. came to be.

He called his talk Building a Brand Builder, covering everything from the moment he decided to strike out on his own as a freelancer to building the studio Canales & Co. now calls home. After the talk, the crowd brought some great questions about the practical side of running a business while working as a designer, and how he’s learned to make tough decisions as an owner.

It was a great night (made even better by tacos and beer) and the whole team was pumped to be a part of it. If you haven’t made it to an Under the Radar event, look out for the next one – and remember to say hi when you see us there.

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