Sharp Minds Steady Hands


It doesn’t feel entirely accurate to say things are going “back to normal” at this point in the coronavirus crisis. But we’re starting to take some tentative steps away from the more intense season of shelter in place, so we want to take some time to let people know how things have changed at Canales & Co. over the past several weeks – and what’s kept us going.

On March 17, Canales & Co. officially went remote. Gabe and Denver started working from home, while Jose and Christina switched off between work-from-home and working solo in the office on Reese. As of today (Monday, May 11), that’s still the arrangement. Transitioning to home office setups has gone smoothly, but this season hasn’t been easy – our clients have been hurt by an unpredictable market, and we’ve hurt with them.

At the same time, we’ve been consistently amazed at the tenacity of the companies we have the privilege of working with. For example, Cape May Brewing Co. has adapted to a changing economy, serving as innovators in the Northeast by aggressively pursuing beer delivery when tasting room traffic dried up. Remedy has embraced their role as a healthcare provider in new ways, expanding services through existing channels and opening up new ones (including a new outdoor HQ in Sunset Valley). And William Chris Vineyards, one of our newest clients right here in Central Texas, brought us on board to design a wine label to help them raise funds for the Texas food service industry as restaurants all over the state struggle with reduced traffic.

We’re not sure when we’ll get back to the office. Working from home has gone well, and we wouldn’t want to do anything to put our people in danger (or, to put it in the words that have become the official slogan of the coronavirus season: “We’re taking this day-by-day out of an abundance of caution”). We’re one of the lucky companies that has been able to weather this storm relatively unscathed, and we wouldn’t want to rush back to a close working space too soon. So in the meantime, we’ll keep masking up and getting to work (from home), doing what we can to keep up with our clients’ hustle. Y’all stay safe.

CMBC Tryptic Still Brewing
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