Sharp Minds Steady Hands

AIGA-Texas A&M Visits C&Co

We had a great time getting to hang out with this talented group of AIGA students from Texas A&M today. It’s always cool to get some perspective from up-and-comers, and we really enjoyed hearing some of the things they’re excited about in the weird and wonderful world of Austin design. We talked about what day-to-day life as a designer looks like, what we think the future of the advertising field in Austin would look like, and which projects we were most excited about. It all lead to some solid conversation and a fun afternoon. Plus, it was a great test to see how many people can fit in our studio (nothing collapsed at 17, so that’s a good sign). Keep an eye on these kids. They’re talented, passionate and way more driven than we were at their age, and we know we’ll see them running things before long.

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Refugee Rainbow

Refugees have been given a lot of attention recently as immigration laws have been strictly enforced and we've seen families be separated and heard many more horrific stories. As difficult as things can be for refugees in this crazy world, organizations like Refugee Rainbow aim to offer hope to the overlooked and disenfranchised, via visits, letters, and money in refugee commissary accounts. It’s a cause we at Canales & Co. strongly believe in and we are thrilled to support it. We had the privilege recently of working with them to create their branding. It’s a brand new organization with a huge heart, please check them out at and spread the word.

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LTC wins Gold and Bronze at Austin Addys

We struck gold this year at the Addys! We've worked with Ampersand Agency for the past two years in the rebranding of Laredo Taco Company. This year we got to create a pretty fun campaign centered on the Celebration of the Taco. The campaign itself won a bronze Addy and the bags we did as a packaging assignment within that campaign took home a gold Addy. Really thankful for the opportunity to work on this brand with our partners over at Ampersand. Looking forward to next year!


Chapps in Graphis 2018 Poster Annual

Happy to see the work we did for Chapps and the Launch Agency make it into Graphis Poster Annual this year. This was a fun project that started as a rebrand. From there we got to design some environmental graphics and these cool posters that were used as ads and decor. Thanks again to the Launch Agency for picking us to help on this rad project!

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Austin Design Week '17 Studio Tour

ADW’s theme for 2017 was “Finding Place,” which focused design leaders and the community on examining how Austin designers find place within their environment, community, culture, identity, and experiences in order to fuel their creativity. Its more than 50 events included workshops, talks, studio tours, interactive art projects, exhibits, and a weeklong Design-a-thon contest to boot.

Canales & Co. hosted a studio tour in our new space to offer interested creatives a peek inside our small design and branding studio. We got the opportunity to share a little about our journey of finding our place and show off our new digs. We really enjoyed meeting all the people who made their way out and spent their evening with us.

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