Sharp Minds Steady Hands

CA Typography Annual Award of Excellence

We were bummed to see our work for Bird & Biscuit get passed over (the name itself didn’t get chosen for the restaurant), but we were proud of it, and we had to find a way to make it live on. So, stubbornly, we entered it for consideration for the 2019 Communication Arts Typography Annual. And what do you know? It all worked out.

We’re proud of Zack for really nailing the brief on this one. He not only made a beautiful custom type treatment, he built it perfectly within the tone and style of the brand. Here’s hoping we get another chance to work on a chicken restaurant sometime soon – we loved this project.

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AIGA Austin Under the Radar

The Under the Radar team at AIGA Austin was kind enough to invite Jose to speak at their final event of 2018. Needless to say, we were honored – there have been some amazing names featured at these events, and it was awesome to be included in that group.

Getting the invitation was great, but it left Jose with the difficult task of figuring out what topic he would cover in his talk. He knows branding and design, but he wanted to talk about something only he could share. So he picked a topic totally unique to his experience – how Canales & Co. came to be.

He called his talk Building a Brand Builder, covering everything from the moment he decided to strike out on his own as a freelancer to building the studio Canales & Co. now calls home. After the talk, the crowd brought some great questions about the practical side of running a business while working as a designer, and how he’s learned to make tough decisions as an owner.

It was a great night (made even better by tacos and beer) and the whole team was pumped to be a part of it. If you haven’t made it to an Under the Radar event, look out for the next one – and remember to say hi when you see us there.

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Workshop at ACU

Back at the old stomping grounds. Jose got to relive some of his fondest college memories hanging out with ACU’s senior graphic design students this week for a workshop. Instead of offering a masterclass on typefaces or Illustrator, Jose wanted to teach the students something they wouldn’t learn in a typical design class: the pitch.

A few weeks ago, Jose had the students read a brief and try their hand at working within the confines of the client’s request to test their skills at strategy in branding. Monday, he sat in on the class and had them pitch the work, asking them to explain the reason behind every design element in their project, like how a certain color choice would make the product stand out on the shelf, or how an illustrated element would appeal to a wider audience.

It was difficult, it was stressful, and it was awesome. The students were excited to learn more about a skill they’d need in the “real world” of graphic design, and they had some great conversations with Jose about what it takes to really sell your work. We always have a great time working with young designers, and getting to work with them at our alma mater is even better.

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AIGA-Texas A&M Visits C&Co

We had a great time getting to hang out with this talented group of AIGA students from Texas A&M today. It’s always cool to get some perspective from up-and-comers, and we really enjoyed hearing some of the things they’re excited about in the weird and wonderful world of Austin design. We talked about what day-to-day life as a designer looks like, what we think the future of the advertising field in Austin would look like, and which projects we were most excited about. It all lead to some solid conversation and a fun afternoon. Plus, it was a great test to see how many people can fit in our studio (nothing collapsed at 17, so that’s a good sign). Keep an eye on these kids. They’re talented, passionate and way more driven than we were at their age, and we know we’ll see them running things before long.

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Refugee Rainbow

Refugees have been given a lot of attention recently as immigration laws have been strictly enforced and we've seen families be separated and heard many more horrific stories. As difficult as things can be for refugees in this crazy world, organizations like Refugee Rainbow aim to offer hope to the overlooked and disenfranchised, via visits, letters, and money in refugee commissary accounts. It’s a cause we at Canales & Co. strongly believe in and we are thrilled to support it. We had the privilege recently of working with them to create their branding. It’s a brand new organization with a huge heart, please check them out at and spread the word.

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