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Austin Design Week '17 Studio Tour

ADW’s theme for 2017 was “Finding Place,” which focused design leaders and the community on examining how Austin designers find place within their environment, community, culture, identity, and experiences in order to fuel their creativity. Its more than 50 events included workshops, talks, studio tours, interactive art projects, exhibits, and a weeklong Design-a-thon contest to boot.

Canales & Co. hosted a studio tour in our new space to offer interested creatives a peek inside our small design and branding studio. We got the opportunity to share a little about our journey of finding our place and show off our new digs. We really enjoyed meeting all the people who made their way out and spent their evening with us.

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Canales & Co. Faves in Communication Arts

Communication Arts reached out a while back to pick our brain on some of our favorite finds. We talked about some of our favorite places to find inspiration, to some of our favorite methods of creating. We also raved about some of our favorite tech platforms that make our jobs easier, like Gusto for payroll, Bench for bookkeeping and Harvest for estimates, invoices and timetracking. Check out all the favorite finds from a few designers around the world in the latest Design Annual for CA.

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Building a Studio

When Canales & Co. was established five years ago, it was the definition of a family business: it was run out of a closet in Jose Canales’s house, who also happened to be its founder, CEO, creative director and janitor.

When Jose and his family moved, the business moved with them, and it steadily started to grow. As designers joined the team, Jose realized he needed a more permanent office with desks and a conference room, but he didn’t want to lose the family feel of working from home.

So he built an office in his backyard.

He collaborated with his wife – interior designer Christina Canales, and architects Arbib Hughey Design – to design it with the perfect balance of business and family: monolithic on the outside (with cool stucco lending a Spanish aesthetic), yet warm on the inside (with off-whites and wood textures dominating the interior). It was designed to for casual client meetings and family reunions alike. And like all good things, it took time. It was a bumpy road to get the designs worked out, permits signed off on, and construction finished. But we like to think it turned out pretty well – you can see the results for yourself.


Communication Arts Award of Excellence: Yeti Coolers

Proud to have our work for YETI featured in CA for the Typography Annual. This one was a joint effort, as McGarrah Jessee tapped Canales & Co. to lend a hand in the illustration of this smokey print ad for Texas Monthly. Eric Erickson and Tim Cole provided the art direction for this handsome piece while Colin Lapin wrote all those words. Sure appreciate those fellas and really enjoyed working on this piece.

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Canales & Co. at Austin Design Week '16

Shoutout to Austin Design Week for putting together a great event at Austin Beerworks. We tackled the significance of design and branding in Austin’s growing craft beer industry and the creative communities being fostered during our Craft Beer Branding panel. The panel hosted Michael Graham of Austin Beerworks, Marty Butler of Butler Brothers, Jose Canales of Canales & Co., Christian Helms of Helms Workshop, Mike Woolf of Beef & Pie Productions, and moderated by Caroline Wallace of Bitch Beer and the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

We learned a thing or two, and we’re hoping we got to teach a thing or two while we were at it. Don’t sleep on these events, folks – there’s some cool stuff out there.

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