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Yardbird Outside – Brand Launch

Last year, Sara Kenton approached us with an idea: she wanted to build products that encouraged families to get outside, connect and have fun. She named her company “Yardbird,” and planned to launch the line with Captain Safety, a highly-visible sign holder to keep drivers aware of kids at play outside. Sara tasked us with creating a brand that communicated fun for all ages without feeling too silly.

So, we started with a bright, easy-to-read wordmark and icon for the brand logo, then expanded the design identity through to packaging design and collateral with touches of the outdoors (like textured leaves) for secondary elements. We think it looks great, and we’re excited to say Captain Safety has officially hit the market. Check them out at

Yardbird Post Artboard 1
Yardbird Post Artboard 2
Yardbird Post Artboard 3
Yardbird Post Artboard 6