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Cape May Brewing Co.

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Born in 2011, making beer out of a garage twelve gallons at a time, Cape May quickly grew to be Jersey Shore’s premier craft brewery, brewing over 10,000 barrels a year in 2016 when we met. With a new maturity as leaders in the Northeast craft scene they needed their young brand to evolve and reflect their position as category leaders.

The breezy, seaside Victorian town gave ample inspiration for a colorful rebrand.

Houses in Cape May

Originally they focused on locale and granted each beer a unique personality.

However, it came at the cost of a muddled packaging scheme, with poor recall and brand recognition for those unfamiliar with Cape May.

Color, pattern and illustration made each beer unique, while cohesive in a branded system.

Each beer is uniquely named so we created illustrations to support 
each beer’s particular concept 
while pattern and color supported 
the themes in secondary ways.

With over 100 beers brewed a year 
a flexible system was important 
to preserve creativity while 
reinforcing brand consistency.

A template for discovery

The backs of each label pack plenty of layers to discover more about the beer. Icons illustrate the type of glass the particular beer should be served in, and what food pairings best compliment it. The profile offers a flavor description and insight to each beer’s namesake.

Cape May Apple Bomb can
Photo of Ryan Krill & Chris Henke
Ryan Krill & Chris Henke
Founders of Cape May Brewing

The artistry of our beer is reflected in the artistry of the design created by Canales & Co. Not only does the new branding capture who we are as a company, but the consistent use of pattern and color will give our fans confidence that they’re getting a top-notch, quality product that they have come to expect from Cape May Brewing Co.

The new branding creates an expectation, and the beer inside exceeds that expectation. The beer speaks for itself, but we think that new fans will now be able to judge us by our packaging.

Cape May can leaning left
Cape May can leaning right

The rebrand also fueled an increase in sales velocity as well as guided the company with direction for creating new products and offerings. Over the past 6 years they’ve seen substantial growth.

  • 444444000%

    Growth increase

    2016 - 2021

  • 111000000+

    Beers designed

    2016 - 2021

  • 333

    New States

    2016 - 2021

  • #111

    Most popular

    NJ Brewery 2021

As Cape May Brewing Co. grew, so did the breadth and variety of brand work that was needed.

Over the years, operations ramped up at Cape May Brewing Co. which allowed ample opportunity for us to scale the brand in a multitude of ways, from beer cans to billboards, and beyond.

CMBC Billboard
CMBC Truck
Tasting room only backdoor series

The tasting room only “Backdoor” series started as an exercise in pattern, where each can was illustrated with a unique kaleidescopic image that spoke to flavor. After several years and many cans designed, the series underwent a facelift with a new template which focused on typography and a variety of illustration styles that pique interest with every can.

Shandy with grapefruit
Backdoor half seas over
Limoncello Shandy back door can design
BananasFosterStout back door can design
BarkBreaker back door can design
HalfBack back door can design
Viperfish Back door can design
Dirty Shirley

Beyond beer

The alcoholic beverage market expanded as audiences began to appreciate new and different tastes. This led to the introduction of several product lines that pushed the brand even further. The launch of Cape May Hard Seltzer was the first step into this new world, and became somewhat of a brand in and of itself. The series took on a look and feel that separated itself from the original Cape May brand, but maintained elements of design that carried the Cape May Brewing Co. spirit through it. From there, additions to the Cape May Brewing Co. family include collaboration brews with other brands, the hard lemonade and hard tea series which have a unique look of their own, among many others.

Hard Seltzer Mango
Hard Seltzer Cans on Beach
Pineapple Hard Seltzer can design
HardSeltzer Beach
Lemonade side 2
lemonade can layout
shoretea can design
workhorse collab can design
boat ramp champ can design

Years down the road, our partnership with Cape May Brewing Co. remains strong as we continue to bring voice to this ever-evolving, brew slingin’ brand.

Cape May cases
Taco Night poster
Tall Glass
Sea Chest Shirt
Mango Crushin' It
core variety pack on beach sand
CrushinIt Variety Pack
cape may hat merch
summer catch bottles six pack
crafted on the cape cases
beer glass merch
core can cheers

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