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Carnivore Snax

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Regeneratively raised, sustainably sourced, terrifically tasty. These qualities are what make Carnivore Snax stand out as a premium product in the crowded, on-the-go meat snack market. As a young brand looking to expand both their product line and their audience, they were in need of a packaging system with a strong voice in order to spread their good word.

The original packaging lacked the presence needed to express the calibur of product contained within. Inspired by their mission to “spread the gospel of meat”, we referenced tent revival prints and lettering to create a design that calls out to the consumer from the shelf. Combining that with mouth-watering marbled meat textures, the visual quality of the product soon lived up to the quality of its taste.

carnivore snax creative reference
Old Carnivore Snax

Before fully exploring the packaging system, we began by building a new foundation for the brand.

This process started with a refreshed Carnivore Snax logo framed by a subtly shifting pattern of meat marbling to crown the system. As more types of meat products were going to be introduced into the system over time, it was important to find a way to differentiate between product SKUs while also maintaining brand consistency.

carnivore snax in back pack

A variety of color and unique typography offered a solution.

While the majority of the package design would stay the same across the system, the custom treated typography for product titles would change between designs, stretching and scaling to give each SKU its own unique feel. The rectangular backdrop to the title also changes shape and color between products to help distinguish them as part of a meat category within the system.

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Carnivore Snax brand book

Once the initial packaging designs were completed, we put together a book of guidelines to ensure cohesive design across SKUs as the system grew.

Carnivore Snax Line Up

Carnivore Snax out in the wild.

Along with designing the new packaging system, we were challenged to expand the brand even further with merchandise and trade-show collateral for the Carnivore Snax team to showcase on the road. This way, they would have a strong brand foundation as they spread their message across the country.

Tradeshow Collateral
CarnivoreSnax Business Card
Carnivore Snax Coupon Stack
Shirt in the wild
Say yes to meat shirt
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