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Costa Del Mar

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Since 1983, Costa Del Mar has cultivated a strong following among lovers of water, fishing, and the outdoors because of their unrivaled sunglass technology providing superior clarity. There was a huge opportunity to offer more and in 2009 Canales started the apparel category for Costa. Since starting the apparel efforts, sales rapidly grew and a whole new vibrant expression of the Costa brand was born.

Costa's mission is to be the clearest sunglass on the planet, made to see through the water the way no other lenses can. Across collections, we design graphics that echo their values and give voice to the lifestyle Costa fans crave.

Born on the Water

For life on and off the water...

Costa's core consumer is the dedicated angler, but as the brand grew, so did their fanbase. A vast range of graphics holds something crafted for the beach bum and the salty sailor, whether they frequent Colorado rivers or Florida beaches.

man sitting with surfboard
two tiki designs
floral pattern
three images
photo of man fishing
Sunset sailfish

A boatload of cool graphics is one thing, but in order to elevate the brand, we weave storytelling across collections using content and art styles to give a richness and intentionality to the Costa lifestyle. Classically illustrated fish, impressionist-inspired beaches, and enthusiastic red-white-and-blue watercolors are among many motifs we use to build narratives and reinforce brand missions.

three folded shirts
three fish inshore
three fish offshore
tarpon c
sailfish c
dorado c
trout c
bass c
watercolor flag
watercolor fish
bass passport
Pink fish graphic
permit passport
Green fish design
Man polishing surf board
woman riding gator design
Close up of graphic on navy shirt
Yellow Shirt in front of ocean
Shirt with sunlight
Painterly Graphic on yellow
Painterly graphic on navy
Close up of shirt with fishing equipment
artsy fish
Close up of graphic on fabric

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