Convenience meets authenticity.

Laredo Taco Company

fuller angle of backlit metal sign
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Canales & Co. was tapped by Ampersand Agency to partner with them in the rebrand of Laredo Taco Company, a Tex-Mex restaurant inside of Stripes convenience stores. Our objective was to elevate the brand to be commensurate with the handmade, high quality food that Laredo Taco Company has been quietly known for.

Miles and miles beyond expectations

Authentic, hearty food is not what people expect from a gas station, but hand-rolled tortillas and hand-chopped veggies are what many are surprised to find. The taste is as authentic as it gets. Previously, the brand did not communicate these qualities.The goal with his rebrand was not so surprise people, but rather to redefine expectations for the quality of food that's served in this convenience store.

birds eye view shot of hands rolling our dough for tortillas

The logo was dated, hard to read, and did not convey authenticity

We wanted the logo to reflect the same handcrafted quality that is evident in Laredo Taco Company's food. The new logo features a woodcut aesthetic, with unique quirks in each letter to give character and show the handmade craft behind the design, in the same way hand-rolled tortillas carry their own quirks and imperfections. Those makers' marks communicate to the consumer that they're getting thoughtfully crafted quality, not just some cookie-cutter stuff right off of a factory line.

Shooting an authentic taco

Improving the food photography for LTC was a must to truly convey authenticity and tasty tacos. Instead of using perfectly lit studios, we shot the fool in natural light and environments that felt real, on backgrounds rich in texture and character.

behind the scenes photo of staging tacos for the Laredo Taco Company photoshoot
Large horizontal advertisement featuring photographed tacos and "Celebrate your favorites" in the center

Promotional materials and focused campaign strategies made a big impact in sales and traffic

For holidays and other promotional events, we created in-store point of sale materials like window clings, exterior signage, gas pump toppers, packaging, and stickers. The Dia de los Muertos campaign saw in increase in sales of over 20% in some stores.

printed paper bags with illustrations and promo poster
wrapped tacos photo and promo poster
Laredo Taco Company tortillas billboard
Laredo Taco Company Made Right Here billboard
Illustrated vehicle wrap
custom illustrated wall mural
Wide shot of Laredo Taco Company kitchen and service bar inside of a Stripes convenient store
Close portrait shot of seating area with custom wallpaper and menu signage on back wall
photo of Laredo Taco Company service bar with signage and custom wallpaper above it
photo of Laredo Taco Company self-service point of sale screens

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