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MerryGo crafts spirits with extreme, authentic flavors. Our assignment was to create a cohesive packaging system for two flavored vodkas. Heeet Vodka had a blazing cinnamon flavor so we centered design around a flammable theme. We sourced glass reminiscent of an old kerosene bottle and included match strike strips on the label. Mmmint vodka, boasts its cool flavor with a minty color scheme and striking gold foils. The labels have a memorable and no nonsense feel that help them stand apart from the same old, same old.

MerryGo Spirits Family Shot
MerryGo Spirits Logo
Heeet Vodka gif
MerryGo Spirits Heeet bottle
MerryGo Spirits Heeet label
MerryGo Spirits Heeet boxes
MerryGo Spirits Heeet Cap
heeet billboard
Merry Go Spirits Logo
MerryGo Spirits Mmmint label
MerryGo Spirits label Front
MerryGo Spirits Mmmint cap
MerryGo Spirits Mmmint marks

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