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Oakley, as a brand, needs very little introduction. Since 1975, they have represented a passion for adrenaline, adventure, and counterculture, with the quality to back it up. We took an opportunity to give a fresh take to their apparel and ran with it, creating collections of graphic tees packed with both edge and substance.

Designs for exclusive partnerships with retailers as well as the Oakley mainline collections lent a sense of craft and personality to apparel to match the shades. We designed graphics that spoke to the wide range of Oakley acolytes, from skate and board lifers to athletes and outdoor junkies.

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Making Waves

Across collections, we drew inspiration from Oakley's west coast DNA, Y2K grunge and cyber aesthetics, and images of oceans and mountains to create graphics that had all the bold and energetic feeling of Oakley sunglasses. Hand-done illustrations, psychedelic distortions, and remixed textures carried a visual language that appealed to all types of Oakley fanatics.

wave graphic
wave graphic
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diamond graphic
closeup of shirt
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snowboard graphic
2 hex graphics
2 hex graphics
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2 basketball goals
2 basketball goals
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