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Sarah started her business with a vision to create unique custom gemstones and diamond jewelry for everyone. So, as she was creating her wish list for her second store, she wanted an interior space that made the jewelry the hero. We decided subtle design that incorporated light would best accomplish that goal, and felt alabaster would help provide a bright, yet understated aesthetic that would make the gemstones look gorgeous.

Sarah O front desk
Sarah O Window
Sarah O Front Door

We were lucky to find a fantastic carpenter who could install vertical alabaster paneling while using vertical strips of copper to conceal joint lines, adding backlighting for visual interest. We also incorporated beautiful walnut jewelry cases to bring depth and warmth to the simplistic background of the store, creating a balanced look and feel that exudes relaxation and sophistication to Sarah O’s interior.

Sarah O Cases front
Sarah O Cases side
Sarah O Cabinetry
Sarah O chair and plant
Sarah O Office

Collaboration was key.

Sarah's brother, Kevin Vigil, is a well-known local muralist / artist and we asked him to add his touch to round out the space with warm elegance.

Sarah O Wall
Sarah O rugs
Sarah O exterior
Sarah O entire interior

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