This Austin barbershop gets a brand new 'do.

Shed Barbershop

SHED Storefront
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  • Apparel Design

The crew at Shed came to us seeking brand refresh as they planned their expansion. We led them to a strategic position of becoming neighborhood tastemakers, beyond just a local barbershop. Defining and articulating this vision set the tone for the creative we delivered for them, everything from product design, point of sale, environmental graphics and identity design.

Shed flat assets
shed custom numbers
Shed cards
Shed shirt back

Visiting Shed Barbershop isn't a chore, it's an experience.

It's a ritual of catching up with neighborhood tastemakers who respect the quality of the craft, and it was important to match this local flavor of the business with a bespoke and approachable brand aesthetic that made customers feel at home.

shed haircut
shed flat assets 2

Combining clean-cut with cutting-edge.

The simplicity of the new design spoke to the quality of Shed's craft, with some subtle texture and grit to bolster the brand with a unique voice. We introduced illustration to provide a bit of edge to the otherwise clean-cut nature of the logo and typographic lockups.

Shed poster design 1
Shed poster design 2
Shed enamel pins
Shed logo animation
Shed website mockup

More than a barbershop.

In order to emphasize Shed as more than a spot for cool cuts, they pushed the barbershop boundaries and introduced a lifestyle element to their brand as well. With custom apparel and a curated selection of grooming goods, one could leave Shed feeling like they were a part of the Shed community, rather than just a place you go to get your hair did.

Shed interior 3
Shed interior 1
shed door window

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