"Juntos es mejor."


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Before anyone else, Siete pioneered the grain free tortilla, leading them to produce a plethora of other wonderful grain-free treats as the company grew in size. They came to Canales & Co. to design an interior office space that reflected their tagline, "juntos es mejor", which means "together is better". This saying speaks to their company culture of family and unity, and Siete was wanting an office which facilitated these values.

Siete solo chair
Siete kitchen

We worked to fill the space with curated and custom furniture that reflected the Siete brand at their core. One key component of achieving this was to make gathering spaces functional while still feeling warm and homey.

Siete cubby
Siete sitting area 2

Storied furniture and touches of personality.

Equipale furniture pays homage to what you might see in cities throughout Mexico and serves as a warm welcome to employees and visitors first walking in. Kilim rugs and pillow fabrics sourced from Peru fill the space with vibrant color, adding to that bright and approachable aesthetic.

Siete sitting area 1

Siete co-founder, Veronica Garza, had an abundance of hand-picked treasures she had been saving for the space. This Otomi tapestry which she had had for years made for a beautifully bright pop of color.

Siete plants and table
Siete tapestry
Siete Cafe tables

We made sure to include a variety of quiet, secluded spaces at Siete for those in need of a more private working experience, or a simple afternoon siesta.

Siete Cubbies
Siete well lit room

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