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Sunset Valley

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As the city of Sunset Valley has continued to grow and evolve, the time came for a reimagined brand that better suited the vibrant city. This was a unique and extremely exciting opportunity for Canales & Co., as the studio is based in Sunset Valley.

The existing identity for Sunset Valley had a small town charm, but it was time for a change. The brand lacked a cohesive application system beyond the logo. In an effort to drive visitors to the city and encourage residents to support local businesses, the city sought a rebrand that extended into campaign development and beautification efforts.

Old Sunset Valley logo badge
old Sunset Valley boundary marker
Sunset Valley horizontal logo lockup

A new and inspired look

Sunset Valley is a vibrant community full of art and hospitality, and this new look reflects that. Customized type pairs seamlessly with the iconic sunset mark, all united but a handcrafted woodblock-inspired texture. The simulated woodblock technique gives each asset a degree of modularity, allowing the brand to be very versatile in applications accross the whole city.

Sunset Valley stacked logo lockup
Sunset Valley stationery mockup
Sunset Valley public works utility truck
Sunset Valley Mock

Brand Pillars

Part of building the brand was establishing what the city stood for, which resulted in these five brand pillars. Canales & Co. created unique felt banner designs for each pillar to hang in the city hall.

Sunset Valley felt brand pillar hanging banners
Mockups of Sunset Valley's website shown on a desktop and laptop screen

Sunset Valley Artfest

The city's annual art festival opened up even more opportunities to apply and expand the brand through beautiful, illustrative posters, t-shirts, and other collateral.

Sunset Valley artfest logo
Sunset Valley Artfest tote bag
Children with Sunset Valley Artfest temporary tattoos, mockup of Artfest sticker on a notebook
2022 Sunset Valley Artfest event poster
Sunset Valley artfest t-shirt
wide shot of Sunset Valley pole banners

Canales & Co. created 12 unique pole banners, leveraging both original photography and custom illustration, to drive up support for local small businesses.

Closer shot of Sunset Valley pole banner campaign

Beyond this year-round banner campaign, we also created a collection of holiday-themed banners, as well as some social media campaigning and large-scale signage.

Sunset Valley holiday banner campaign designs
Instagram carousel mockup
A poster and billboard promoting local Sunset Valley businesses

Canales & Co. went above and beyond into more aspirational beautification concepts from signage to sculpture to install around the community.

Sunset Valley mosaic entry sign
Mosaic Sunset Valley boundary marker on a median
Mockup of custom bench concepts
Green stop sign and trail marker featuring Sunset Valley logo
"What's Good?" wall mural on outside wall of baseball field
Sunset Valley mural under 290 bridge
Mockup of a painted steel sculpture made up of different colored concentric arches
Mockup of custom designed colorful plastic benches for a children's playground
colorful stained-glass-inspired sculptural installation
colorful painted fence mural alongside a street
back side of Sunset Valley campaign banner

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